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Ranch = Factory, Cows = Machines

Posted by Rio Nutrition on Jun 20, 2017 5:22:02 PM

Hello to all you ranchers out there!

I realize it is a busy, busy time of year for you with brandings going on for yourselves and your neighbors, and as always I am intrigued and impressed with the way ranchers all pull together during times like these to help each other. Since my last article I have had the privilege of meeting with ranchers in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. As the owner, I feel it is so important to get out and meet folks face to face in view of understanding what’s cooking, what challenges you may be facing and of course, what’s working well. Rio’s production model is definitely a topic of conversation wherever I go…it’s all about how we can help ranchers in terms of production…production of pounds of beef. Sounds simple, and really it is. You know, there are only so many ways we can help ranchers impact their bottom line. This time of year, it is simply:

• Increasing conception rates (more calves to market in the fall)

• Tightening up the calving window (more pounds to market in the fall)

• Increasing calf weight-gain through the summer by helping mama cow’s milk production

All of the above contribute to the same end – being marketable pounds of beef. Many of you have heard me say this, but I always tell our sales guys that we don’t sell tubs and we don’t sell loose mineral…and they look at me like I have lost my marbles!!! I love to follow on, saying what we really do…We help ranchers make little tweaks in their operations that bring about a tangible positive impact on their production of pounds, and hence on their bottom line. That’s what we are here for, that is the “why” we are in business, that is the compelling vision that drives us. SO it comes back to the old idea of a ranch being likened to a factory, and the cows likened to machines. And where we fit in is to keep those machines well-oiled and functioning to their peak performance, producing a marketable product…Pounds of beef. And, no surprise…profitability. Have a great June (what’s left of it) and we will stay in touch. And as always, give me a holler with any questions or suggestions you may have – I always appreciate hearing from you!


Trevor Greenfield

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