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Rio Nutrition Featured in ‘American Cattlemen’ November 2017 Issue

Posted by Rio Nutrition on Oct 26, 2017 8:57:22 AM

Upfront Cost vs. Cost-to-Feed

Cover.png"While we are providing our clients with the best of the best, the Cadillac in the industry, our cost to feed is certainly not anything like a Cadillac price!"

With a premium brand, there had been a bit of a myth out there that we are high-priced. Well yeah, that is true, as far as the "upfront cost" goes, or you cost per ton. But that's where it stops.

"The surprise was that even though the cost per ton was more, the low, controlled consumption ensured that it was actually CHEAPER TO FEED! By using the high levels of top quality ingredients, the cost-per-day or cost-to-feed was typically lower than the "cheaper" products."

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