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Rio Nutrition Partner Products Solve Ranchers' Common Problems

Posted by Rio Nutrition on Nov 20, 2015 10:07:16 AM

When you think Rio Nutrition, you might think tubs and loose minerals. You're not wrong - those are our core products. But that’s just the beginning. Rio Nutrition has so much more to offer.

At Rio Nutrition, we think about how we can increase profitability for ranchers. We focus in helping ranchers get more out of their resources, grazing, forages, and land base. However, there’s still more to it than that.

Rio Nutrition Partner Products

Yeast pill - Rio NutritionRio Nutrition offers several partner products that help ranchers continually improve the health of their herd and protect their investment. All of our partner products (with the exception of IGR) are all-natural. We’d like to highlight a few of our partner products that are important for the upcoming season.

Ranchers trying to clean up and prevent cocci, scours, and internal parasites can use our RumenGuard 90 days prior to calving. It can be mixed with grain or fed free-choice with salt. Once you’ve got calves on the ground, our Y-Bullet yeast capsule boosts immune strength and helps prevent scours. It can also be used during weaning and receiving.

Another popular partner product used in preparation for pasture season is our DefenderPAC. It’s a 2-in-1 fly control and repellent product that is a valuable option come fly season.

Below is a rundown of all eight of our partner products and their benefits.

Partner Product Descriptions & Benefits:

  • RumenGuard – Formula to help clean up cocci and internal parasites starting 90 days prior to calving
  • BufferPAC – Buffering formula with elevated Magnesium for strategic use on early-season pastures
  • CuPAC – Elevated chelated copper formula to be fed in areas of serious Copper deficiencies
  • PasturePAC – Chlortetracycline (Aurea) medicated add pac with elevated levels of Zinc, Iodine and Vitamin A
  • SePAC – Selenium Yeast (Q-Sel) add pac for use in selenium deficient areas
  • VitaPAC – Vitamin A, D and E add pac
  • DefenderPAC – Pasture season add pac to protect against flies
  • IGR – Altosid IGR concentrate for prevention of horn flies.

Enjoy the Partner Product Benefits

For the most part, all of these bases are covered in our tubs and loose minerals. However, when ranchers have a specific need, our partner products provide the solution.

Take advantage of the benefits! Give us a call or text at 888-714-5781 or complete our online form.

To learn more about our complete line of partner products, view our catalog. Add Pac information is included on the last page. Take a look!

US Catalog
CA Catalog

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Who is RioNutrition?

Rio Nutrition is a family business based in Southwest Minnesota, serving all of the US and Canada. We work directly with ranchers, focused on helping improve profitability and sustainability through nutrition and digestion.

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