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Posted by RioNutrition on Jun 1, 2014 8:23:59 AM
  • Fight Footrot.
  • Fight Pinkeye.
  • Improve Gains.
  • Utilize Forages.
  • Stimulate Immune System.

Our yearling programs - including lick tubs, mineral tubs and loose mineral - focus on boosted zinc, boosted iodine and boosted Vitamin A.  The Rio yearling supplement programs focus on fighting footrot and pinkeye.  The yearling tubs and/or yearling mineral work to improve gains on yearlings while the Nutrizorb digestion pack helps your yearlings utilize the forages that you are running on to get better nutrient uptake.  The synergy of the yearling program boosts energy in your yearlings - when using either the yearling tubs or the yearling mineral.

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