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Posted by RioNutrition on Apr 10, 2014 12:11:00 PM

Why should I choose the Rio Yearling Mineral for my yearling supplement program this year?

  1. Increase weight gain on yearlings
  2. Focus on forage utilization to get better nutrient uptake
  3. Grazing management with the tub program
  4. No wastage when using tubs
  5. Low input costs
  6. 16 Key Digestion tools in every formula
  7. Reduce footrot
  8. RangeRocket™ Lick Sled Tub Option for a movable mineral station
  9. Shiny haircoat for extra buyer appeal
  10. controlled consumption to deliver a controlled cost
  11. Protected minerals that simply get into the blood
  12. Free delivery to your different locations
  13. Convenience
  14. Reduce pinkeye
  15. 125 lb tub option is easier to move
  16. Strong immune system
  17. Adequate consumption in areas that yearlings typically don't eat mineral
  18. The Envirotub™ Biodegradable tub option = no chasing empty barrels
  19. No mineral feeders needed when using the yearling tub
  20. Tools to save you money or make you money ... and most likely - BOTH!

There you have it - 20 reasons why you should choose the Rio Yearling Mineral Program.  The yearling mineral is available in a yearling lick tub and a yearling loose mineral.  All yearling mineral includes the Nutrizorb 16-Component Digestion Package and the Esqort 100% Protected Key Trace Minerals.

Give us a call at 888-762-3299 to find out which yearling mineral program is right for you and your ranch.  Or, if you'd prefer - fill out the form on this page to get pricing.

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